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(R)Evolution of a baby Girl March 8, 2010

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. Her mama loved her so so much from the very day she knew she will have her. When the little girl was born, she was loved very much by everyone not only because she was a baby but because she was such a cute babe – with lots of black hair and those big black eyes. She truly was adorable – she managed to enchant everyone with her smile and she did not even cry much (her mama still recalls this clearly now 23 years later).

What is it that mamas like so much about having a baby girl? Of course it is also about the dresses and other tiny cute clothes they will put their princesses in.  This is what the mama of this cute lil girl did too. She dressed the cute baby in numerous cute outfits which made her look even more special than she already was. ‘What a cuteee baby you have’ – said everybody.

But when the girl started growing up, she seemed to have completely forgotten about her mama’s ways to dress her up. And then came hip-hop. And after that came techno which seem to have further distorted and messed up the situation. As a consequence, loose pants and tracksuits represented the complete variety of our adolescent girl’s wardrobe.

I don’t blame her. I believe that everything comes at the right time when it is supposed to come. Therefore, her passion for fashion came on time too. When she was 16 she discovered FashionTv and from that day onwards staring at the Tv for several hours a day became completely normal – she just could not do without her daily dose of fashion.

The initial phase of our baby girl’s fashion (r)evolution was not easy. She always knew she was different and she decided she would rather show it than fight it. At the beginning, as usually happens, the world around couldn’t comprehend and more often than not she was neglected and even isolated like an outsider simply because she did not want to fit in. Fortunately, she did not give in.

It all became easier when she left her home country. Away, she could start all over, experiment, mix and be herself without any fear. Ending up living in 3 countries at the same time, our heroine was able to not only see other perspectives of fashion but also draw a parallel between them, mix them and play with them. By doing this, her unique style was formed. Unique because it is her own and because it is not similar to any of these three countries’ styles and she is proud of this because she always hated clones.

It is of importance to note that She – our revolutionary baby girl is not rich, her daddy is not a politician and does not own a hotel. That is why she was bound to make her fashionable look using cheap material but enriching it with love and imagination.  And this is what this blog is all about – love and imagination when it comes to fashion and everything linked to it because we simply LOVE it to the bone: me, the baby girl and you I assumeJ

We will talk about trends in fashion and their practical application in real life, ordinary non billionaire real life because me and baby Girl we believe that ONE carries fashion rather than the PIECE of clothing. It is the person and his approach that makes something outstanding and distinguishable. A piece might be a hit but if it does not suit the body intending to wear it no one will call it a success. On the other hand, a dull and over-simplistic piece could transform into a unique and complementing the figure essential if it is chosen well. This is fashion – it is taste and knowledge about what to and what not to wear in correspondence with trends and tendencies BUT mainly with our own judgment and feel.

I could only hope you agree with me, that you liked my little story about the evolution of an ordinary but only to an extent girl, and I look forward to sharing fashion with you.


Truly Yours,



One Response to “(R)Evolution of a baby Girl”

  1. Ralifashionbaby Says:

    Love you!! But you know that 😉 X O X O

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