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Welcome, New Life, New Fashion April 25, 2012

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Yes! It has been a while! It has been life! A lot and not too much has happened, turns in all directions possible, yet nothing to regret or eliminate.

One very very significant thing deserves isolating and mentioning – I met a guy, The guy to push me forward and tell me I have to work and strive to make my dreams come true. And so, here I am, a month ago finally subscribing to a course in Fashion Design. No, I am not convinced this is my thing, but something inside keeps on tingling every time i even think about it. I must check what this is, am i right or am i right?

Anyway, as small a step this evening part-time course is, it is a step in hopefully the right direction – discovering my creativity and possibilities. Remaining for too long at a job having little to do with my dreams, my background, education, talents, has made me too eager to dive into anything new and to be surprised.

So, my dearest, here is the ‘new’ life of this blog inspired by me being inspired!

To begin with, I will be posting homeworks which the tutor gives us after every class so.. keep hanging around 🙂 It will only be getting better, well, at least i hope, I count on you to tell me!

Here we go then: After our first lesson we were given 4 words and asked to describe with images what those meant to us, fashion-wise of course 🙂 Check out what came to my mind :))

So what do you think:?


2 Responses to “Welcome, New Life, New Fashion”

  1. Tom Says:

    Dear Madame,

    Great Blog, congratulation!!!

    Wish You a lot of success.

  2. Style Conscious Commuter xxx Says:

    I’m so glad Costa has free wi-fi…this blog has become as much of a regular pleasure as my eleven o’clock mocha!

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