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Merry Friskmas December 24, 2010

Filed under: Trends & Tendencies — fashionmighty @ 10:10 AM

I want theeeemmm

Dear Santa, can I please please have those?? I know that I would only put them twice and I will hardly walk but mostly sit crossing my legs and showing them off.. but still, please please??

So.. am.. continuing the animal prints never-ending topic – they are still here and they are very very hot – their name is PRINTS! Stay tuned for a detailed discussion on what’s hot, what’s hotter and what is not from the animalistic world of fashion:)

Happy holidays my darlings!


One Response to “Merry Friskmas”

  1. rali-bali Says:

    Imai kysmeta da mi dojdesh na svatbata s tiq!!!! VSE PAK KUMATA trqbva da e nai-ubavata (Sled bulkata estestveno ) ;))

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