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The winter shoe phenomenon October 19, 2010

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Isn’t it crazy how many winter shoes there are out there? So many options one cannot quite make up their mind as to what to actually buy and what to just continue dreaming of! Man… winter is precious for the jeans tucked into boots or ankle boots – I LOVE THAT! I do miss it during the rest of the year as weird as it sounds! I love boots and i love to tuck 🙂

I have to be honest and admit my confusion and complete lack of certainty when it comes to which type  i prefer best and what should my best buys be this winter. I have my eyes of course on a couple of models but time will tell what’s it gonna be 🙂 Furthermore, I am still waiting for my pairs of boots to arrive – yes, i have everything scatterred in different countries, hah – so I guess when i have it all right here with me I could snap it for you 😉 And of course whatever i choose to buy to fill the missing hole in my boots collection. I believe every winter such a whole opens up. We are Women, what can We do :)))))))) So let us have a look at what some great brands are offering.

Boots from Zara (Only middle one is from the female collection but I would so wear them all!))

The Sporty Boot: this is inevitably my favourite and preferred type of boot since i walk a lot but besides that it is the ultimate piece to a sporty-chic look – which i luv.

All these 3 pairs are taken from Zara’s newest collection; however, only the one the middle is actually a female one.. but who cares? How can you even say the others are not? To me they all are unisex. If i manage to spot the wool one though, it is so mine:)

The comfy shoes this winter

The Comfy (my new fav word for Comfortable) Shoes/Boots: an essential necessity in this hectic daily life of the modern woman. We do need to be comfortable when running around the city but still look stunning, right? These are sure to help us out in this task 😉

  1. Green rubber boot – GUCCI
  2. All the brown-ies – Zara
  3. Grey wedged-platform ankle boot – New Look
  4. Softie homie bootie – New Look (don’t try running around the city with this please 😀 This bootie is made to make you feel comfy and cute while at home.)

Trends and Tendencies

The Trendy shoes: What do we have here? We have seen a wave of amazing heeled ankle boots coupled with a wave of wedged shoes. It look like comfort is starting to be more significant and designers are trying to do their best in providing us with options. Wedges are one of the great ways of staying high (literally) and still being comfortable. The other huge trend this season is wide heels – they might look like coming out of your grandma’s closet but they are so in and looking quite cool i must say – i already own a pair 😉 Faux-fur – do i really need to comment on this trend? I think we all know how big it is – anything that is soft anfd furry is very fashionable. My only warning is to beware not to end up looking like a big-foot monster 😀

  1. 1st Row booties – Zara
  2. Faux-fur boot – New Look
  3. Wide heel shoes – New Look
  4. Brown army booty (red background) – Bershka

The Shoes to kill (with) 😉

The shoes to kill: Okay girls, here we escalate to the every woman’s essential weapon for seduction! The shoes to kill are the turning heads factor which will make you the queen of the night 🙂 Don’t be shy and go for it!

  1. Printed booty – Gucci
  2. Rubber and grey ankle booty – New Look
  3. High heel peep-toe – Zara
  4. Black high heel pumps with chains – Twin-Set by Simona Barbieri

T-he Boot with a big T

My Number One: Last but definitely not least, i present you THE (GUCCI) Boot – my absolutely most favourite! It is that shoe which you only glance upon for a second and fall in love with! It is a pitty I would not afford it for many more years to come. It’s price is beyond 2000 euro so let’s keep on dreaming…

So.. which one is your favourite/must-have pair for this season?


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