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What’s after summer?? September 5, 2010

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It’s been a long time, I know. It has been a hectic, a bit crazy, a bit fun, a bit workaholic and a bit too hot summer. But is summer over already? It is just the beginning of September and there is no trace of that heat which was almost killing us just 10 days ago. To make matters worse, I can hear the heavy rain outside. So what does that mean?

Well, unfortunately – for me and my not as deep as I wish them to be pockets – it means I have to stock up on new AUTUMN items! I dont even have any closed shoes here! Maan. Thing is I switched a couple of countries 5 months ago so all i needed coming to this one was everything summerish that I had. 5 months, now you would say, this is a long summer! Yeah, but it usually is like 7 so I am a bit disappointed. Don’t get confused – it is not tht I love summer so much. In fact, autumn is probably my favourite season – I can finally start layering and do not have to bare myself that much – which makes it real difficult to walk the streets, you know, horns and beeping all over the place… 😛

I love autumn for the leather jackets, boots – any height but they have to be beautifullll, for the no sunlotion need, for the no more sweat, for all the cool accessories – bags and hats – even though I still have to find the right hat that lookes something better than simply ridiculous on me:D

I have, hence, been looking around and wondering what my must-haves for this autumn to come will be.  Here is what I discovered – what a sacred discovery it was! – by randomly browsing through VC’s website – which i more than love to do! This lace long-sleeved shirt will be the hit this autumn – I decided so! :)))  No, but seriously, doesn’t it look STUNNING! I think it is breath-taking and I assure you I will be on the hunt for one around here.

Victoria's Secret

By being both casual and seductive at the same time, this shirt can be worn in so many ways and for various occassions which justifies even more the investment in such.

What else? Sure a single shirt won’t do! We are women, we need more and more – especially when it comes to clothing, haha:) For me personally, in the autumn wardrobe equation, the most important item is the LEATHER JACKET! Yes, I do mean that! Just think for a second: a leather jacket can transform any outfit but mostly does the best transition between summer and winter because it allows u to keep on wearing your summery stuff but also feel warm when the wind starts blowing. Here is what I discovered yesterday – yup, I did actually try it out and I believe this will be my next purchase (just waiting for my salary, you know:P).

  1. Jacket – New look
  2. Snickers – Bershka
  3. Ancle-boot – Bershka
  4. Hair inspiration – Bershka’s lookbook :)))) – I guess that one will be the hardest to obtain 😀

Hey, I got something more for you:D Have you seen Zara’s new lookbook? Well, if you haven’t, make sure you do, it is Crazy-COOL!  I have chosen my 3 favourite looks out of it and am posting them here for you to approve. I think these three looks will make your/our autumn really really cool :)) Start looking for above-the knee socks because they are a HIT.. and believe me – they drive men crazy! Hahah 😀

What do you think?

By the way, here is a link of my new favourite shop. I find their pieces quite nice, I hope you like them too –>


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