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Feeling Sexy July 16, 2010

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Sometimes even I sit and wonder how crazy this is – the fact that (especially we as women) spend so much effort and MONEY for things like clothes, high heels, hair sprays, nail polishes, other types of polishes, etc. It all sums up to quite a big amount, I’m telling you! Sigh. It is so not easy to be a woman, you know. But it couldn’t be easier as well because of one thing – the need to feel sexy.

We base everything on that – okay, not all of us but the big majority, am I right? I personally do love to feel sexy even when just staying at home. It probably sounds as if I am too hard on myself. On the contrary, it is fulfilling because it makes one feel good about themselves at any point in time. Maybe it is just me – maybe it is my sign (I’m the typical Scorpio!) which is making me so focused on that seemingly far from crucial trait of a person’s personality – his or her sexiness – but one thing is for sure: it matters to me.

Now, please do not mix sexiness with sexuality. While it is true they do have a lot in common and they complement each other, it is not by rule. Sexiness is the way a person expresses how good they feel about themselves and how comfortable they are in their own skin – so much that they’d like everyone to know. And no – this doesn’t mean walk naked on the street. It is just a way of behaving and feeling.

I have personally tested it and it works – when I feel sexy, my days are great and I do not put the smile off my face. In conclusion, feeling sexy and feeling great and confident about yourself helps you through the days because it makes them easier. Don’t think I’m nuts please, it is just summer!!!  😉


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