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Why we love Roberto Cavalli?! May 18, 2010

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He is Italian, he is world-famous, he is EXTRA successful, but most of all he is an AMAZING designer. Roberto Cavalli’s got it all but his talent is above all. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, Kate Moss, Kate Hudson and more and more. What do they all have in common, all those cool peeps wearing Cavalli? WELL, isn’t it obvious – they got STYLE (OR they’ve got brains to know who to trust for their style:D)!

Style is something we, ordinary peeps like me and you, can also have. One is simply born with it and then just has to pick up the right pieces and VOILA!:) And believe me, when it comes to Roberto Cavalli’s collections, the right pieces are too many! Let me prove it to you:P

Sneak a peek from Roberto Cavalli's Spring-Summer 2010 Collection

What’s more to it, Roberto had proven he is good in everything. From his ready-to-wear collections, to his footwear and accessories collections – class, glamour and great feel of fashion stream out of them all.

Photo (collage): Roberto Cavalli . com

Sneak a peek of Roberto Cavalli's new Footwear Collection

A Roman gladiator, Cowboy babe, Stylish barbie, Sparkling Princess – whatever your inspiration, HE has it! And they are all lovely, you have to admit it:)

Last but not least, Roberto Cavalli’s accessories have always given me heart attacks because they are simply GORGEOUS! His new clutches are no different and a girl can only WANT WANT WANT them badly.

Roberto Cavalli's strikingly stunning clutches

It is interesting to note that the worst comments I have heard about my idol Roberto Cavalli came from Italian people. Isn’t this odd?! Why won’t you love your own talent?  Doesn’t matter. I love him. Period.


Wild in your Underwear? May 14, 2010

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Wild in the underwear is something like wild in the heart but is even better! It is so sensual and seductive that no man can resist 😉

Raaawwwrrr! (Photos: Victoria's Secret)

What do you think? Do you have some animal printed and wild underwear pieces already? I do and they feel great :)))))))))


The Bold Act May 6, 2010

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Summer is about being bold, right? Besides naked:D But bold and naked are quite linked, don’t you think?

So here’s the thing – I am usually bold and naked but.. I almost never reveal my legs. And no, I don’t have big, fat, ugly or whatever you may think legs. It is just that I don’t feel comfortable revealing them too much; it is like I feel that people will be staring at them rather than looking me in my eyes while talking.

This summer, however, this is about to change! And I mean it:) I have firmly decided to be bolder and more naked – leg-wise 😀  Oh, yeah, I am 100% convinced now that I am definitely about to buy me some shorts. I have already done some research on the matter and now I am about to show you some of my favourites.

Bold enough, are ya?:) (Photo: Victoria's Secret)

Photo: Bershka

Tough choice! Denim shorts are an absolute must this summer, especially if you are in the party mood like I am (or at least I hope I will be, thank  God weekend is near!). Besides the apparent benefit of keeping you cool, denim shorts reveal your legs combining trendy and useful in order to add to that sexy but sassy leisure look we all desire for the summer.

Obviously, some of you prefer simplicity and would feel these suggestions are far too extravagant and heads-turning. I have thought about that:) Hereunder are my two favourite neat pairs I found online. The good thing about them is that you can get very very creative with your top or shoes or make-up.

Vintage denim boy shorts

To conclude with, I can see how much guys are being excluded when it comes to fashion blogs, etc.  I decided therefore to prove that some of that all-female talk is not a hundred percent all-female. Trends are trends and most of the time they apply to both sexes. Denim shorts are such so there you go my dear guys, take a look and pick a fave. And let us all say a big HI to summer! 😀

Photo: Bershka; Pull & Bear


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