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Which designer got it best? April 25, 2010

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What is your vote?

Spot the ten differences! Nah, I’m joking. Nonetheless, can you see how similar these two outfits are? They both accentuate  the rock chic in us – great leather jackets, rock but stylish boots and dark make-up (it’s a must!). Still, they are quite different in that Cavalli – as one can expect – mixed rock with his favourite animal print, the zebra in this case. It came out lovely, do you agree? Despite my deep Cavalli affection, I still can’t seem to choose and favor any of the outfits. Blumarine’s rock but feminine and glam outfit is too gorgeous to miss out.

What is your say?


Shoes, ladies and gentlemen! April 18, 2010

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All you read or hear recently – fashionwise of course – is about denim’s comeback, how great it is, how trendy, etc.

But wait.. what about us – the ones who never really gave up denim; the ones whose wardrobe – trouserswise – is hardly anything else but 90% denim and jeans? What are we supposed to say? Am I to be surprised?

Denim has been around forever for me. Practically, all I wear is jeans (except in those occassions where I have to go to an interview or smthng)(ha, and weddings!)!

Hence, I think the biggest trend for upcoming summer will NOT be denim.. simply because it has always been trendy to wear it so I can’t really see the big deal here. Sure, there is the ‘bolder’ – by design and colour/paint – kind of denim – tye-die to die for (:P) – which might look new but when you look at it more carefully, you might see a well-forgotten old.

What’s my point? Shoes, ladies and gentlemen, will be the trend-setter and statement-maker. I nearly lost breath the other night when i opened my e-mail and saw the newsletter of Victoria’s Secret. Here I’ve extracted some of my favourites for you to admire and agree with me on how gorgeous they are!

I want them all! If I only lived in America..

Plenty of colour, detail, boldness and a new level of flirtiness are yet not enough to describe this new collection. The ‘love life and have fun at all times’ theme is transmitted to us by those genious designers. All we need to do is wear any of those pairs to feel brand new and all pimped-up (haha)! 😀

For the more glam, feminine and ellegant babes – Fendi here is taking care of you! Check those STUNNING heels out! I can’t helping falling in love each and every time i look at this photo! Ahhh..

Fendi's perfect suggestions for this summer

OR maybe you like heels but you are more on the tough-chic/rock/hippy/indie wave? No probz! Emilio Pucci’s got it in mind and here come his spring/summer suggestions. Choose & pick! Can you? I am quite confuuuuseeedd! They all look  SPEC-TA-CU-LAR!

Emilio Pucci's rock princesses' shoes

ETRO's shoes telling the tale of why it is GREAT to be a woman!

It is all about the TIES in Etro’s collection for this season. Their suggestions are so romantic and chic at the same time, you gotta love them! Besides that, they look comfy and will keep you feet cool and trendy at all times 😀 (I have to add that it comes as a shock to me but the flat is my favourite one of the pictured above, I WANT IT so bad!)

Want something EVEN bolder? Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Blumarine and Versace are here to serve you and your whims. Whether you are looking for the strong woman or the Alice in Wonderland look, or you simply desire something new, odd, stylish and sexy all at the same time, the best names in fashion are surely going to inspire you I believe.  There is something for everyone 🙂

Shoe heaven?! MMMmmm...YES!

The bottom line  is that it is ALL about the HEELS this spring/summer! I know, i know they are so hard to walk on – believe me, I still haven’t learnt how to walk on these thingies but this just doesn’t stop me from wanting them and – unfortunately for my bf – buying them 😀

If you can’t afford heels – due to height issues, etc. – don’t worry! There is plenty of flat versions which are eye-catching enough to make you blush! Simply decide on your preferred style or look you wish to achieve and go for it! Im with you!

Now the ball is in your field:) I would really like to hear from you ladies:) Which one is your favourite pair? Which one would you love to wear? Whish suggestion makes you dizzy? 🙂 Spell it out!  And.. have a nice shopping!


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