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DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! March 30, 2010

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Recently I talked about prints and patterns and how fashionable they are these days. In my older post I talked about their actual and practical wearableness and how to strike the right balance of prints without going over all possible limits. Well, well, Mischa Barton has obviously not read my blog 😀 Here is what I could easily call ‘the prints and patterns disaster’ .. because she really is!

Don’t get me wrong here, i do love her and her OC performance. No matter how cute you are though, you can’t afford this  ”leopard plus everything else that could make me look EVER more awful” combination!

So what is wrong with her? Okay. I am quite sure it is indeed a lovely coat with even more lovely leopard prints. However, even my 16yrs old brother would point out that:

* leopard should not be combined with flower prints (i can see a flower printed dress hiding down there)

*pink/violet tights/leggings?? AND LEOPARD?        R-r-right!

*GREEN bag on top of all that? Hmmm.. I say ‘Hell NO’.

*I am sure you are guessing this one right – red lipstick + violet tights = ‘i am surely not saying hi to you next time i meet you on the street’..

Just for the record, I assume the photo has been taken while Mischa was on set.

Still, who would let some director or producer do this to them!?


3 Responses to “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!”

  1. ralibali Says:

    hahahah so colourful…

  2. I think she’s playing a hooker…explains alot!

  3. disconaplondon Says:

    I am still weirdly devoted to Mischa after all these years. I may let myself watch series one of The OC soon to remind me why I still follow her career and her outfits. Remember when she wore white Matthew Williamson to the Elle Style Awards? She was the prettiest girl ever. Something has gone a wee bit awry somewhere along the way.

    p.s. Thank for the comment on my blog, I will follow you and I definitely recommend Glee. Ignore the hype or the anti-hype, it’s just a lot of fun and done to a really high standard.

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