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Let’s not bare them legs out yet March 22, 2010

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I have been thinking and wondering how a necessity might suddenly become an accessory – exactly like a Ray Ban but that is another story.

This, indeed, is a wonderful thing for us ladies especially with regards to TIGHTS. Yeah, tights… once used by women mainly in winter and under clothes to keep them warm. Nowadays, we can finally look at them not only as necessary underwear but also as a tool to make a statement 🙂 I so love this splendid fact. To be honest, I have started using daring colors and bold combinations just recently but I already can’t have enough of it. What about you?

I think words aren’t necessary so I will just let the picture hereunder speak for itself.

Finally, I urge you the following: I know the sun’s tempting and all.. but please,

Let’s not bare them legs out yet! 😉


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