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SPRINGY flowers or stripes? March 16, 2010

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Spring is coming! Are you ready for it?

Right when I thought I was ready, snows hit us from somewhere. But this uneventful happening simply gave us more time to prepare for the much awaited arrival of her Majesty The Spring 😀 And today I see the sun which is still very shy but manages to send the message intended: GET READY to throw all those heavy clothes!

I am so eager to throw mine away and get into some happy, colourful and loving-life clothes. As such I mainly have in mind flowers and stripes – obviously it is not just me but all major brands and designers with their new collections are clearly making a statement what spring inspiration is all about. The same way as flowers and trees and nature in general come back to life in spring, people come back to life with warmth and sun by completely changing their outfit – from grey and black it suddenly becomes HAPPY.

HAPPY is definitely the right word for me to describe this amazing transformation of patterns, colours and shapes of clothing pieces.

Do you love stripes? ‘Coz I love stripes! Sailor stripes have been here for quite a while but have mainly been associated with summer – sun, sea, ships, stripes 🙂 This time around they are here to announce spring’s comeback.

stripes mania?

I assume the message intended sounds like this: don’t wait for summer to come in order to have fun and wear something fun, DO IT NOW! Besides being fun to wear and damn good-looking, stripes have the ability to also flatter your figure when used accordingly – vertical ones make you look thinner and horizontal ones make you curvy. Nice and useful optical illusion, ha?

Flowers instead are the symbol of spring and rebirth. They are romantic and have the power of ‘crowding’ love and positivism in the air. What else could you possible need with our financial crisis in the background?!

I do have something even more important to say though; here it is: Dresses, dresses, dresses!

It comes as a shock to me to be a dresses supporter since I have been quite famous for my ‘dress alergy’ for years and years now. What is happening? I have come to the conclusion that the time when a girl starts craving dresses is the time when she is finally growing up to be a women – a feminine one 🙂 Dresses are this piece of women’s wardrobe that is just so magical, so fairy tale-like. Let’s start our spring fairy tale, shall we ladies? Hereunder is what I have in mind. Don’t forget to tell me what you think!

Victoria secret's flower dresses

P.S. what flower/striped pieces do you already have in your closet and what do you plan to own soon 😉 ?


One Response to “SPRINGY flowers or stripes?”

  1. Hi dear! Thanks for the feedback:) I appreciate it. I love stripes and the whole nautical look for spring. It’s so classic and chic.
    Is your blog new? Keep up the good work!

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