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Animal Prints March 8, 2010

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I decided to kick off my attempt for a fashion blog with a view/discussion on the so controversial trend of the animal prints. Who doesn’t love them? But, on the other hand, who are those that do love them?

Some of you will be quite surprised of my claim that animal prints are controversial since it had been around for some time now and it had established itself as a fashionable trend and not just a fad. However, there are those little countries where the majority of people follow trends using other than the worlds fashion capitals’ catwalks sources. It is there where controversy sparks off.

The proponents of animal prints on/as clothes say they are bold, sexy and fun. The opponents, on the other side, say that it is just ‘too much’. Which side do you belong to? To me, there seem to be considerable sense in both these statements.

Whether you like the trend or not you have to admit that it is exotic. However, it too can sometimes hurt the eye if its exoticness is too imposing. The conclusion I have reached for myself is that I do love animal prints but they have to be used with caution and one needs to be aware of the right quantity of them. How much is enough?

Animal printed top, belt, bag, shoes – these used on their own are exactly enough to cast that mysterious spell over you and will ensure you obtain an envious amount of eyes staring at your print. At the end, this is the correct purpose of an animal print – to get you noticed. It goes without saying then that these kinds of prints are not suitable for shy or willing to mix with the crowd individuals.

Let us not forget that almost every rule in life has its exceptions. Same goes for animal prints – exceptions to the rule of ‘keep it bold but non-imposing’ do exist and I will use the chance to show you what these exceptions are to me with pictures rather than words:)

Finally, if you love a trend, don’t be afraid to show this love to the world. If you love animal prints, embrace them and determine for yourself what is right and wrong when it comes to quantity and then .. go get ready to be the star of the night! 😉


3 Responses to “Animal Prints”

  1. Viktoriya Says:

    TERRIFIC, my dear! You have my admiration!

  2. Ralifashionbaby Says:

    I really like the ” Animal Prints” , but I prefer not to wear them… You have my admiration too ;))

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