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Welcome, New Life, New Fashion April 25, 2012

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Yes! It has been a while! It has been life! A lot and not too much has happened, turns in all directions possible, yet nothing to regret or eliminate.

One very very significant thing deserves isolating and mentioning – I met a guy, The guy to push me forward and tell me I have to work and strive to make my dreams come true. And so, here I am, a month ago finally subscribing to a course in Fashion Design. No, I am not convinced this is my thing, but something inside keeps on tingling every time i even think about it. I must check what this is, am i right or am i right?

Anyway, as small a step this evening part-time course is, it is a step in hopefully the right direction – discovering my creativity and possibilities. Remaining for too long at a job having little to do with my dreams, my background, education, talents, has made me too eager to dive into anything new and to be surprised.

So, my dearest, here is the ‘new’ life of this blog inspired by me being inspired!

To begin with, I will be posting homeworks which the tutor gives us after every class so.. keep hanging around 🙂 It will only be getting better, well, at least i hope, I count on you to tell me!

Here we go then: After our first lesson we were given 4 words and asked to describe with images what those meant to us, fashion-wise of course 🙂 Check out what came to my mind :))

So what do you think:?


Merry Friskmas December 24, 2010

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I want theeeemmm

Dear Santa, can I please please have those?? I know that I would only put them twice and I will hardly walk but mostly sit crossing my legs and showing them off.. but still, please please??

So.. am.. continuing the animal prints never-ending topic – they are still here and they are very very hot – their name is PRINTS! Stay tuned for a detailed discussion on what’s hot, what’s hotter and what is not from the animalistic world of fashion:)

Happy holidays my darlings!


The winter shoe phenomenon October 19, 2010

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Isn’t it crazy how many winter shoes there are out there? So many options one cannot quite make up their mind as to what to actually buy and what to just continue dreaming of! Man… winter is precious for the jeans tucked into boots or ankle boots – I LOVE THAT! I do miss it during the rest of the year as weird as it sounds! I love boots and i love to tuck 🙂

I have to be honest and admit my confusion and complete lack of certainty when it comes to which type  i prefer best and what should my best buys be this winter. I have my eyes of course on a couple of models but time will tell what’s it gonna be 🙂 Furthermore, I am still waiting for my pairs of boots to arrive – yes, i have everything scatterred in different countries, hah – so I guess when i have it all right here with me I could snap it for you 😉 And of course whatever i choose to buy to fill the missing hole in my boots collection. I believe every winter such a whole opens up. We are Women, what can We do :)))))))) So let us have a look at what some great brands are offering.

Boots from Zara (Only middle one is from the female collection but I would so wear them all!))

The Sporty Boot: this is inevitably my favourite and preferred type of boot since i walk a lot but besides that it is the ultimate piece to a sporty-chic look – which i luv.

All these 3 pairs are taken from Zara’s newest collection; however, only the one the middle is actually a female one.. but who cares? How can you even say the others are not? To me they all are unisex. If i manage to spot the wool one though, it is so mine:)

The comfy shoes this winter

The Comfy (my new fav word for Comfortable) Shoes/Boots: an essential necessity in this hectic daily life of the modern woman. We do need to be comfortable when running around the city but still look stunning, right? These are sure to help us out in this task 😉

  1. Green rubber boot – GUCCI
  2. All the brown-ies – Zara
  3. Grey wedged-platform ankle boot – New Look
  4. Softie homie bootie – New Look (don’t try running around the city with this please 😀 This bootie is made to make you feel comfy and cute while at home.)

Trends and Tendencies

The Trendy shoes: What do we have here? We have seen a wave of amazing heeled ankle boots coupled with a wave of wedged shoes. It look like comfort is starting to be more significant and designers are trying to do their best in providing us with options. Wedges are one of the great ways of staying high (literally) and still being comfortable. The other huge trend this season is wide heels – they might look like coming out of your grandma’s closet but they are so in and looking quite cool i must say – i already own a pair 😉 Faux-fur – do i really need to comment on this trend? I think we all know how big it is – anything that is soft anfd furry is very fashionable. My only warning is to beware not to end up looking like a big-foot monster 😀

  1. 1st Row booties – Zara
  2. Faux-fur boot – New Look
  3. Wide heel shoes – New Look
  4. Brown army booty (red background) – Bershka

The Shoes to kill (with) 😉

The shoes to kill: Okay girls, here we escalate to the every woman’s essential weapon for seduction! The shoes to kill are the turning heads factor which will make you the queen of the night 🙂 Don’t be shy and go for it!

  1. Printed booty – Gucci
  2. Rubber and grey ankle booty – New Look
  3. High heel peep-toe – Zara
  4. Black high heel pumps with chains – Twin-Set by Simona Barbieri

T-he Boot with a big T

My Number One: Last but definitely not least, i present you THE (GUCCI) Boot – my absolutely most favourite! It is that shoe which you only glance upon for a second and fall in love with! It is a pitty I would not afford it for many more years to come. It’s price is beyond 2000 euro so let’s keep on dreaming…

So.. which one is your favourite/must-have pair for this season?


What’s after summer?? September 5, 2010

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It’s been a long time, I know. It has been a hectic, a bit crazy, a bit fun, a bit workaholic and a bit too hot summer. But is summer over already? It is just the beginning of September and there is no trace of that heat which was almost killing us just 10 days ago. To make matters worse, I can hear the heavy rain outside. So what does that mean?

Well, unfortunately – for me and my not as deep as I wish them to be pockets – it means I have to stock up on new AUTUMN items! I dont even have any closed shoes here! Maan. Thing is I switched a couple of countries 5 months ago so all i needed coming to this one was everything summerish that I had. 5 months, now you would say, this is a long summer! Yeah, but it usually is like 7 so I am a bit disappointed. Don’t get confused – it is not tht I love summer so much. In fact, autumn is probably my favourite season – I can finally start layering and do not have to bare myself that much – which makes it real difficult to walk the streets, you know, horns and beeping all over the place… 😛

I love autumn for the leather jackets, boots – any height but they have to be beautifullll, for the no sunlotion need, for the no more sweat, for all the cool accessories – bags and hats – even though I still have to find the right hat that lookes something better than simply ridiculous on me:D

I have, hence, been looking around and wondering what my must-haves for this autumn to come will be.  Here is what I discovered – what a sacred discovery it was! – by randomly browsing through VC’s website – which i more than love to do! This lace long-sleeved shirt will be the hit this autumn – I decided so! :)))  No, but seriously, doesn’t it look STUNNING! I think it is breath-taking and I assure you I will be on the hunt for one around here.

Victoria's Secret

By being both casual and seductive at the same time, this shirt can be worn in so many ways and for various occassions which justifies even more the investment in such.

What else? Sure a single shirt won’t do! We are women, we need more and more – especially when it comes to clothing, haha:) For me personally, in the autumn wardrobe equation, the most important item is the LEATHER JACKET! Yes, I do mean that! Just think for a second: a leather jacket can transform any outfit but mostly does the best transition between summer and winter because it allows u to keep on wearing your summery stuff but also feel warm when the wind starts blowing. Here is what I discovered yesterday – yup, I did actually try it out and I believe this will be my next purchase (just waiting for my salary, you know:P).

  1. Jacket – New look
  2. Snickers – Bershka
  3. Ancle-boot – Bershka
  4. Hair inspiration – Bershka’s lookbook :)))) – I guess that one will be the hardest to obtain 😀

Hey, I got something more for you:D Have you seen Zara’s new lookbook? Well, if you haven’t, make sure you do, it is Crazy-COOL!  I have chosen my 3 favourite looks out of it and am posting them here for you to approve. I think these three looks will make your/our autumn really really cool :)) Start looking for above-the knee socks because they are a HIT.. and believe me – they drive men crazy! Hahah 😀

What do you think?

By the way, here is a link of my new favourite shop. I find their pieces quite nice, I hope you like them too –>


Feeling Sexy July 16, 2010

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Sometimes even I sit and wonder how crazy this is – the fact that (especially we as women) spend so much effort and MONEY for things like clothes, high heels, hair sprays, nail polishes, other types of polishes, etc. It all sums up to quite a big amount, I’m telling you! Sigh. It is so not easy to be a woman, you know. But it couldn’t be easier as well because of one thing – the need to feel sexy.

We base everything on that – okay, not all of us but the big majority, am I right? I personally do love to feel sexy even when just staying at home. It probably sounds as if I am too hard on myself. On the contrary, it is fulfilling because it makes one feel good about themselves at any point in time. Maybe it is just me – maybe it is my sign (I’m the typical Scorpio!) which is making me so focused on that seemingly far from crucial trait of a person’s personality – his or her sexiness – but one thing is for sure: it matters to me.

Now, please do not mix sexiness with sexuality. While it is true they do have a lot in common and they complement each other, it is not by rule. Sexiness is the way a person expresses how good they feel about themselves and how comfortable they are in their own skin – so much that they’d like everyone to know. And no – this doesn’t mean walk naked on the street. It is just a way of behaving and feeling.

I have personally tested it and it works – when I feel sexy, my days are great and I do not put the smile off my face. In conclusion, feeling sexy and feeling great and confident about yourself helps you through the days because it makes them easier. Don’t think I’m nuts please, it is just summer!!!  😉


Why we love Roberto Cavalli?! May 18, 2010

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He is Italian, he is world-famous, he is EXTRA successful, but most of all he is an AMAZING designer. Roberto Cavalli’s got it all but his talent is above all. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, Kate Moss, Kate Hudson and more and more. What do they all have in common, all those cool peeps wearing Cavalli? WELL, isn’t it obvious – they got STYLE (OR they’ve got brains to know who to trust for their style:D)!

Style is something we, ordinary peeps like me and you, can also have. One is simply born with it and then just has to pick up the right pieces and VOILA!:) And believe me, when it comes to Roberto Cavalli’s collections, the right pieces are too many! Let me prove it to you:P

Sneak a peek from Roberto Cavalli's Spring-Summer 2010 Collection

What’s more to it, Roberto had proven he is good in everything. From his ready-to-wear collections, to his footwear and accessories collections – class, glamour and great feel of fashion stream out of them all.

Photo (collage): Roberto Cavalli . com

Sneak a peek of Roberto Cavalli's new Footwear Collection

A Roman gladiator, Cowboy babe, Stylish barbie, Sparkling Princess – whatever your inspiration, HE has it! And they are all lovely, you have to admit it:)

Last but not least, Roberto Cavalli’s accessories have always given me heart attacks because they are simply GORGEOUS! His new clutches are no different and a girl can only WANT WANT WANT them badly.

Roberto Cavalli's strikingly stunning clutches

It is interesting to note that the worst comments I have heard about my idol Roberto Cavalli came from Italian people. Isn’t this odd?! Why won’t you love your own talent?  Doesn’t matter. I love him. Period.


Wild in your Underwear? May 14, 2010

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Wild in the underwear is something like wild in the heart but is even better! It is so sensual and seductive that no man can resist 😉

Raaawwwrrr! (Photos: Victoria's Secret)

What do you think? Do you have some animal printed and wild underwear pieces already? I do and they feel great :)))))))))


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